With all the advantages of cast-iron cooking but wihout the weight, Neoflam cookware is made with multiple layers, creating efficiency in the kitchen with environmentally-friendly materials.

Ecolon™ is a ceramic-based coating which is mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), a material most commonly found in nature as stone and sand. Unlike traditional cookware with PTFE-based non-stick coating, Ecolon is not harmful to the environment or the human body.

Through the use of an aluminium core, a light-weight material with excellent thermal conductivity, the thick base absorbs heat, distributing evenly to the tapered walls.

The ceramic coating enhances heat distribution, retaining the warmth from the stove thus enabling you to use the pan at a lower cooking temperature, wasting no energy and reducing your bills! Ceramic cookware maintains a greater amount of moisture in foods - meats, fish and vegetables will be jucier, even after cooking for long periods of time.

Using half the amount of oil or butter and a lower heat than regular pans, Neoflam is the healthier and more economical choice.

Ceramic cookware resists wear and corrosion, and is also scratch-resistant.